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Based in Underhill, Vermont, GTG Hydroponics provides all the garden supplies that you need to grow healthy, bountiful plants anywhere, indoor or outdoor. With our metal halide and high pressure sodium Hydroponics Grow Lights and proper ventilation you can light up almost any area and garden year round. We can show you how to grow your plants by using the latest in Hydroponic Garden technology, or 100% organically with container gardening methods. Grow your own garden under Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium horticultural grow lights and supply yourself with fresh, pesticide free produce year round.

We supply a wide variety of high quality indoor and outdoor garden supplies including: Hydroponic Systems, Hydroponics Equipment, Hydroponics Gardening supplies, metal halide and high pressure sodium grow lights, organic and standard fertilizers, advanced claimate/co2 control, organic pest control, Hydroponics Lighting, gardening books, and more. Go to our online gardening store to select from our full range of Hydroponics Supply, which we ship from Vermont to anywhere in the world. Either order online via secure forms or call our toll free number (1.800.564.9376) to order your grow lights and supplies and set up your indoor garden today.

We at GTG Hydroponics enjoy being able to give advice and remove the mysteries of hydroponics and organic gardening for the general public. We can supply you with the information and materials that you need to start your indoor garden today. Check out our FAQ sheet to find answers to your questions about hydroponics, indoor gardening, grow lights, Hydroponic Lights, or post your questions to our hydroponics web forum.

We have dedicated this web site to bringing you the latest information and equipment dealing with indoor gardening under grow lights, hydroponic gardening, and 100% organic gardening.

We love to show people how to garden anywhere, anytime.

Visit our showroom and store on the corner
of Park Street and Rt. 15 in Underhill, Vermont.

GTG Hydroponics


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